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Our International is a Union of Action, and here’s the latest example. The Security Officers at Marist College voted overwhelmingly to join our SPFPA Pride. Since the election, SPFPA Region 1 Director Roman Gumul has been working with the bargaining committee in negotiations with the college.

However, negotiations broke down when the college started bargaining in bad faith by making unrealistic proposals to remove the members’ basic protections. The college proposals aimed to water down the union security and arbitration language.

SPFPA Director Gumul knew it was time to bring attention to the bad faith tactics the college was engaging in. It was time to stage an informational picket. President Hickey gave the green light to move forward. 

On Monday, November 13, 2023, Region 1 Director Roman Gumul and the National Organizing Director joined the bargaining unit, staging two informational picket sessions. The unit’s solidarity was clearly shown with maximum participation in the picket. 

Unit members pumped their signs into the air, and the passing cars and trucks blew their horns of support. However, the powerful voice of SOLIDARITY won the day, “We want a Contract… when do we want it … We want it Now!” “Together, We will succeed!”   


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