The Global Authority of Security Police Unions

International Trustees in Action!

A big SPFPA welcome to our International Trustees, Bernard Hudley, Scott Harger and Lou Tartack.
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SPFPA Election Victory!

We welcome our new Paragon Brothers and Sisters to our SPFPA Pride.
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Local 728 Ratifies New Contract

Members of SPFPA Local 728 at the STP Nuclear Station overwhelmingly ratified their new contract that includes increased wages, improved benefits and working conditions.
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Since 2007, SPFPA and the George Washington University Campus Police Officers have worked together as ONE UNION, ONE PRIDE! 
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SPFPA Victory at Hondo Pass.

Protective Security Officers (PSO) employed by Paragon Systems, assigned to its Federal facility located at 4021 Hondo Pass, El Paso, Texas. VOTED YES SPFPA!
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SPFPA Victory In Wyoming!

SPFPA continues on the winning track. Today, April 29, 2024, we welcome a unit of Athena Services International PSO’s to our SPFPA Pride. 
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SPFPA Local 102 & Local 1430 Universal Studios

It was our honor to meet with our SPFPA Union Brothers and Sisters @ Universal Studios Local 102 and Local 1430.
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SPFPA Local 1955

IEB working together with the Local Board Members.
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Exciting News! The SPFPA Local 2121 members, in a powerful show of solidarity, overwhelmingly ratified their third SPFPA contract.
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Great News from SPFPA Local 101

SPFPA Local 101 Members at the Yusen Terminals in Los Angeles, CA overwhelmingly ratified their NEW SPFPA Contract.
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SPFPA Local 120 Leaders take their oath of office.

The newly elected leaders work at the 36th District court in Detroit, Michigan.
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Victory in Portland, Maine

SPFPA continues to welcome new officers to our family pride.
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2024 starts with a victory!

ADC Officers in Boonsboro, Maryland, voted overwhelmingly to join our SPFPA Pride.
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August 15, 2022


It’s a double victory day for SPFPA! We are proud to welcome the combined total of 195 new Officers to our SPFPA Pride! Two Chenega units, one in Fort Collins, Colorado, at the CDC and the other at the TSA offices in Maryland and Virginia.

Press Release 08/12/2022

spfpa fights for the rights of security police officers - and wins!


MSA K-9 Handlers start Contract negotiations

(L-R) Roman Gumul (Director Region 1); Jon Miller (Southwest Region); Charles Henderson (National Capital Region); Jack Ciulla (Northeast Region); Steve Dickey (New York Region); Ryan Kelly (VP Region 3); Randy Vincent (West Coast Region); Robert Hynek (Midwest Region)

On August 10th & 11th, 2022, the MSA K-9 Handlers Regional Negotiating Committee met at the International Union, SPFPA Headquarters, to start contract negotiations with MSA/Allied Universal representatives. SPFPA negotiators, Region 3 Vice President Ryan Kelly, and SPFPA Region 1 Director Roman Gumul will lead negotiations. Throughout the first round of negotiations, the committee’s preparation, solidarity, and teamwork resulted in productive discussions on several important proposals brought forward by MSA K-9 Handlers from around the country and their elected Regional Local Leaders. Vice President Ryan Kelly states, “It was my great pleasure to meet and work alongside all the Regional Local Leaders this week, and I look forward to continuing our work together in our future bargaining sessions.” The committee is very optimistic that with the continued support of their fellow K-9 Handlers and working with SPFPA, they will complete the first real contract that will provide well-deserved gains for the SPFPA-represented K-9 Handlers, their families, and their partners. “Congratulations to the regional negotiating committee for coming together and doing a great job on behalf of your fellow K-9 Handlers.”

“Blown away. They provided myself and the other regional presidents with a first-class experience from the top down. The entire operation is significantly larger than I had imagined. The facility is beautiful and the staff is very friendly. As for negotiations – there was never a point I felt Roman or Ryan Kelly were unsure or tripped up. They remained in the driver’s seat at all times and I always felt like they had control of the ship so to speak. I left that facility with my suspicions confirmed – this is the correct organization, with the experience and know how, who should be negotiating our contract.”

I was very impressed this week with SPFPA’s office and staff! Everyone was very professional, accommodating and nice to work with! Ryan and Roman did an outstanding job assisting us with our Negotiations and walking us through the process! We are so happy we chose SPFPA as our union and look forward to our partnership for many years to come!

Steven Dickey

President, New York Region

 From the minute I pulled into the parking lot at SPFPA’s International Hall, I knew we had made the right   choice! I really don’t even know where to start. The entire staff are some of the most professional people I’ve   ever met! From Dave and Dewayne to Roman and Ryan to all of the ladies, they show the same caring and  compassion for all of us! They all truly were there to support us!

Roman and Ryan provided the direction we needed for us to start negotiations for our first CBA with MSA / Allied. The level of knowledge and professional was great to see!

Robert Hynek

President, Midwest Region

On August 9 through the 12, 2022 my fellow Canine handler Presidents of various regions, conducted the first sessions of negotiations with MSA at the SPFPA headquarters. During these sessions I could see that we were not going to have an easy go with MSA. However, I also realized that MSA, thanks to the SPFPA staff was going to have to fight a well versed and experienced machine that could punch as hard or harder. 

From the time I walked through the doors and met the staff I knew we chose the right place. 

I am looking forward to the next rounds of negotiations alongside of my fellow Handlers, Ryan, Roman and the rest of the SPFPA team. 

Charles Henderson

President, National Capital Region


I was very impressed this week with SPFPA’s office and staff! Everyone was very professional, accommodating and nice to work with! Ryan and Roman did an outstanding job assisting us with our Negotiations and walking us through the process! We are so happy we chose SPFPA as our union and look forward to our partnership for many years to come!

Randall S Vincent 

MSA K9 West Coast Local President

I’ve been a part of a union before this, but it was based in local police municipalities and never on a national/international level. I went on my trip to Roseville this week with zero expectations on how things might look regarding the International’s building and staff. I can honestly say that after this week I feel like MSA K9 Handlers are in good hands.  This isn’t some rinky dink union operating as a cash grab out of a 400 square foot rented building promising us the world. This fully staffed Union legitimately has our needs at heart and will realistically put MSA K9 handlers on the path toward our first-ever CBA.   

As far as the negotiations went, Roman and Ryan did a great job. I know we’re just getting started and the road is going to be long and sometimes tenuous but I left the meetings feeling renewed that a CBA with MSA Security/Allied is an extremely realistic scenario that all canine handlers should be looking towards.  

It was a pleasure to meet everyone. All the ladies of the office staff were incredibly nice and professional and the trip all around was great.

Thanks again

Jonathan Miller

SE President


SPFPA Ranks #1 in organizing Nationwide!

A Houston Paragon Officer is thumbs up for SPFPA. The unit voted overwhelmingly to join our SPFPA Pride.
SPFPA Region 3 VP Ryan Kelly and Local 603 member Joey Leach met with a MSA New York City K-9 Handler.

We are proud to announce that over the last 11 months SPFPA has organized/merged in over 3,000 new Security Police Officers who are now part of our SPFPA pride.

MSA K-9 Handlers – New York, Northeast, Southeast, NCR, Midwest and West Coast Regions

Wellpath – Florida City, FL., Security Watch – El Paso, TX., HBC Management – Arlington, VA.,

Allied University-  Palestine, TX., Culpepper Security – College Park, GA., Chenega – Cheltenham, MD., 

Strategic Security – Austin, TX., American Paragon – Moffett, CA., Triple Canopy – Washington, DC., Allied Universal – San Antonio, TX., Marriott Hotel Services – National Harbor, MD., MVM – San Antonio, TX., 

Inter-Con-  VA. & DC., Allied Universal- Honolulu, HI., Securemedy- Alexandria, VA.,

Paragon – Washington, DC., Paragon – Houston, TX., Professional Security Consultants – Kissimmee, FL., 

Georgetown University – Washington, DC., CoreCivic – Pahrump, NV., CoreCivic – Natchez, MS., 

IESA merged with SPFPA @ Disneyland, CA. 

No other Security Police Union even comes close to our SPFPA success rate in the industry, and with months left in 2022, our SPFPA Pride will continue to grow. 

We welcome all our new members. 

Region 1 V.P Joe McCray held a meet and greet with the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) organizing campaign leaders.
PSC Officers working at Old Town Amusement Park in Kissimmee Florida, VOTED SPFPA STRONG!
International President Dave Hickey met with a couple of MSA Northeast K-9 Handlers.
SPFPA Western Organizing Director Maria Gamon met with the MSA Texas K-9 Handlers.
The SPFPA New York organizing Team met with some MSA K-9 Handlers who help keep the Staten Island Ferry safe for all visitors. SPFPA PROUD!

The pictures used in this post show only a few of the SPFPA members who were involved in organizing the above listed sights - growing our union is a team effort. We would like to mention Lemone Reece, Devin Snowden, Luis Gonzales, Pamela Dorsey, Akua Auwae, Nuno Marques, Jose Muro Jr., who are all members of our SPFPA National Organizing Action Force. TEAMWORK = VICTORY!

Friday, August 5, 2022

Team spfpa continues on the winning track!

SPFPA continues on the winning track as the Nevada Southern Detention Center detention officers win their election. This victory brings our SPFPA organizing total so far for this year past 1,000 officers organized. I want to thank our National Organizing Action Force members for their valued assistance.


SPFPA Local 463 celebrated their unity at their 2022 annual picnic

July 11, 2022

MSA Northeast K-9 Handlers Join Our SPFPA K-9 Family

International President Dave Hickey met with a couple of MSA Northeast K-9 Handlers.

On July 11, 2022, MSA Northeast K-9 Voted to join our SPFPA Pride. Their victory brings them together with their fellow K-9 Handlers from across the country, who in May of this year stood in solidarity and joined our SPFPA K-9 Family. We now look to the future where together, we will succeed as ONE UNION, ONE PRIDE!

July 8, 2022

SPFPA - victory in Cleveland Ohio!

On July 8, 2022, Paragon Protective Security Officers PSOs working in Cleveland, OH, voted overwhelmingly to join our SPFPA family. Before the vote, they were in a union that had failed to provide the necessary communication and service. That union only received one vote! We are proud to welcome these hardworking Officers to our SPFPA family.
July 7, 2022

SPFPA K-9 Handlers regional council Held its first Meeting

In May 2022, over 500 MSA K-9 Handlers joined the SPFPA K-9 Family . Soon after the NLRB issued the election certifications, Team SPFPA set up the Regional Leadership elections. Members had the opportunity to elect their Regional Leadership.

On Thursday, July 7, 2022, International President Dave Hickey, the SPFPA Region Vice Presidents, and the elected leaders held their first K-9 Regional Council meeting. The main subject discussed was how to move forward in the best interest of all the K-9 Handlers. SPFPA sent bargaining surveys to the handlers across the country, asking for their input on bargaining proposals. 


SPFPA- One Union, One Pride!

June 10, 2022

150 Chenega "TSA" Professionals support joining SPFPA!

A group of 150 Chenega Infinity Security Professionals working at the TSA Headquarters in Springfield, Virginia, along with other nearby facilities, showed majority support for SPFPA to file an RC petition with the NLRB on Friday, June 10th. Their current union is gaining the reputation of failing its members with their “missing in action” approach to service and support.

SPFPA is ready to go to work for these Security Professionals who will soon have the opportunity to leave behind the failing federation and join the SPFPA Pride.



Over five hundred MSA K-9 HANDLERS from around the country VOTE TO JOIN THE SPFPA K-9 FAMILY

SPFPA WINS IN NEW YORK! Team SPFPA worked with the MSA New York K-9 Handlers to claim an 88 to 20 victory over the created MSA K-9 Handlers Union. The Handlers voted for fact over fiction and decided to move forward with the only real Security Police union representing K-9 Handlers. Continuing on the winning track, the National Capital Region (NCR) K-9 Handlers VOTED YES SPFPA. 


MSA K-9 Handlers from around the country continued this week to vote YES for SPFPA. Handlers working in the West Region, Midwest Region, and the Southeast Region stood in solidarity with their fellow handlers in the New York Region and the National Capital Region (NCR) to join our Family Pride. 

Today, May 27th – the winning continued with a landslide victory in Houston Texas. The Houston Paragon Protective Security Officers (PSO’s) voted 59 to 16 to join our SPFPA Family.

We are proud to welcome all our new Brothers and Sisters and look forward to working together at the bargaining table and beyond.

Rick O’Quinn, Vice President SPFPA, Jerry Heyman, Vice President Region 2 SPFPA, James B. Smith (JB), Region 2 Director SPFPA, and Tony Seefeld, Director SPFPA. Recently held union steward training. The main topics discussed were grievance, arbitration, and leadership training, leaving participants motivated and informed. Training is always available to members who want to get involved in the growth of our SPFPA Family Pride. Interested? Check with your local leadership for details. SPFPA Strong!



The numbers don’t lie! International Union SPFPA once again ranks #1 in organizing Security Police Professionals working all over the country.

From K-9 EOD Officers to Protective Security Officers working for Homeland Security and every other industry in between.

In one day SPFPA filed Representation (RC) Petitions for:

MSA K-9 Handlers in three regions

Paragon PSOs working in and around Houston Texas 

Securemedy PSOs working in and around Washington D.C.  




"The Global Authority of Security Police Unions." 

January 19, 2022


SPFPA Local 464 and 465 Leadership and Members worked together with International Vice President Joe McCray to fend off attacks from two small unions. Their unity was their shield against being misled by the other unions whose only interest in the group was to line their pocket. They are just not prepared to handle a unit of this size. Once they knew there was no chance for a victory, neither union had a representative present for the count. SPFPA International and Local representatives were present in full force.

One of the attackers, the united federation, and its troubled affiliate leos-pba has lost two elections in a row, and more of their groups are reaching out to the SPFPA for help.

We congratulate our Brothers and Sisters of Local 464 and 465 and are honored to continue our service to these hardworking Officers.


it's official!

LEOSU loses another unit to SPFPA. 112 Marriott Hotel Services Officers @ The Gaylord Resort and Convention Center voted unanimously to leave the troubled LEOSU after its leadership failed to negotiate a new contract, trapping them into a no gain extension. SPFPA used all our resources and won the Officers the right to vote, and we welcome them to our SPFPA PRIDE.


SPFPA Continues to WIN!

On 12/22/21 – The Security Officers working at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor Maryland voted unanimously to become a part of our SPFPA family. As we look forward to the new year, we know that SPFPA will remain the largest and fastest growing Security Police Union in America. We welcome our Gaylord Brothers and Sisters and look forward to working together to win the gains they truly deserve. 



November 5, 2021


SPFPA Region 3 Vice President, Ryan Kelly, swore in Local Union Officers and Stewards from Local 1955 Disneyland and Local Union 100 during a Steward Training Meeting conducted November 5, 2021. Over the course of two training sessions our Local Union Leaders received tools, knowledge and skills to improve communication representation and Local Union processes to better assist their members with workplace issues and strengthen solidarity. It was great to hear such positive feedback and quality information that everyone received. Thank you all for attending and participating to help grow your Local Unions. One Union One Pride!

November 2, 2021

SPFPA wins again!

The American Paragon Protective Services Security Police Officers at the NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California, overwhelmingly voted to join SPFPA and leave their old union. That union had failed to deliver the service they deserved.  

 SPFPA National Organizing Director Dwayne Phillips worked with the main site contact, Police Officer L. Lopez who’s hard work was vital to the victory.

Welcome to our SPFPA Family!  


October 22, 2021

Strategic Security Officers in Austin Texas Vote YES SPFPA

In a landslide victory, the Strategic Security Corp. Officers working in Austin Texas VOTED YES SPFPA!

SPFPA Region 3 Vice President Ryan Kelly will now use his experienced negotiating skills to ensure the officers are heard at the bargaining table. We now move Forward Together as ONE UNION, ONE PRIDE!   

October 14, 2021


110 Marriott Loss Prevention Officers at the Gaylord Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor Maryland seek an election to join SPFPA.

SPFPA answers yet another call from a unit of Security Professionals seeking to leave their small unorganized union. The current union was unprepared and failed to negotiate a new contract for the Marriott Officers. SPFPA filed a petition on behalf of these Officers with a majority showing of interest. The NLRB has docketed the petition, and SPFPA is dedicating our complete resources to this priority! 

 For over 70 years, SPFPA has worked for Security Police Professionals in every industry to ensure they have a REAL VOICE on the job!  



October 12, 2021


On October 12, 2021, the National Institutes of Health Lieutenants of SPFPA Local 466 voted 2 to 1 to Stay SPFPA Strong! Congratulations to SPFPA Region 4 Vice President Joe McCray and the entire NIH Committee for a JOB WELL DONE!



Security Watch Officers beat the Union Busting tactics of their Employer and won the right to be heard at the bargaining table. SPFPA Strong!
Allied Universal Security Officers at the Sanderson Farms Processing Plant in Palestine Texas Overwhelmingly Voted YES SPFPA!
The AUS Officers at this facility Voted Yes SPFPA. They now have access to the resources and experience of SPFPA!
Loomis Officers in Portland, Oregon Vote YES to Join our SPFPA Family.
HBC Officers Protecting the US-Visit Office in Arlington Virginia, Won a Real Voice on the Job! SPFPA YES!
Federal Contract Officers working for Culpepper Security Services at the Southern FAA Facility VOTED YES to join our SPFPA Family.
The Chenega Infinity Officers who protect the property and personnel at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Maryland, VOTE YES SPFPA!


The HBC officers working at the National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD) in Arlington, Virginia, Overwhelmingly VOTED YES SPFPA! We are honored  to welcome these Officers to our SPFPA Family.


August 30, 2021


In a landslide victory, the Wellpath Custody Officers who work at the South Florida Evaluation and Treatment Center – SFETC. Won their NLRB Representation election on Monday, August 30, 2021. The Employer attempted to end the organizing drive and maintain full control by using Union Busting tactics… But Enough was Enough! 

The SPFPA has represented the Wellpath Officers at the Treasure Coast Forensic Treatment Center in Indiantown, Florida for years. We welcome these Officers to our SPFPA Family.   

July 27, 2021

The Nuclear Enforcement Officers National Union (NEONU) Affiliated with IUSPFPA WINS ITS FIRST ELECTION in a Landslide Victory!

The Nuclear Enforcement Officers National Unions (NEONU) Affiliated with IUSPFPA-PBA WON its first election with a 63 to 1 VICTORY!  NEONU will now focus on the upcoming negotiations and Local setup. 

We have already received calls from other Nuclear Enforcement groups wanting to join NEONU’s movement of protecting all Nuclear Security Officers across the Nation. NEONU, IUSPFPA-PBA Website::CLICK HERE 


July 27, 2021

The Protecting the Right to Organize Act (PRO ACT) protects the basic right to join a union.


  1. Introducing meaningful, enforceable penalties for companies and executives that violate workers’ rights. 


2. Expanding workers’ collective bargaining rights and closing loopholes that corporations use to exploit workers.



3. Strengthening workers’ access to fair union elections and requiring corporations to respect the results.


4. Introducing Meaningful, Enforceable Penalties for Companies that Violate Workers’ Rights.

JULY 26, 2021


The Federal Protective Service Officers National Unions (FPSONU)

Website: www.fpsonu1.org

July 24, 2021

Hana SPO's at the US Federal Trade Commission facility in DC are ready to VOTE YES SPFPA!

The Security Professionals working at the Federal Trade Commission in Washington DC are ready to Vote YES SPFPA. Once they win their election the Officers will be a part of the Federal Protective Service Officers National Unions, affiliated with The International Union, SPFPA-PBA. FPSONU Website: https://www.fpsonu1.org  

This unit will be assigned to SPFPA’s Region 4 headed by Vice President Joe McCray and his team. We look forward to welcoming them to our SPFPA Family.  

July 23, 2021

K9 Enforcement Officers National Unions (K9EONU) Affiliated with IUSPFPA-PBA launched its National Organizing Campaign.

Great News!

K9 Enforcement Officers National Unions (K9EONU) Affiliated with IUSPFPA-PBA is seeking to represent all MSA K-9 Handlers Nationwide. K9EONU, IUSPFPA-PBA launched its National Organizing Campaign on July 22, 2021. K9EONU, IUSPFPA-PBA website: https://www.k9eonu.org. 


July 16, 2021

NEONU, IUSPFPA WINS an Historic Victory at Grand Gulf Nuclear

The Nuclear Enforcement Officers National Unions (NEONU) affiliated with IUSPFPA-PBA, WINS BIG 63 to 1 at the Grand Gulf Nuclear Station in Port Gibson, MS. We are proud to welcome these Nuclear Security Officers to our Family. NEONU Website: NEONU.org 

JULY 16, 2021

spfpa Recognizes "A JOB WELL DONE!"

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA)An armed man was caught by Federal Protective Service inspectors as he tried to enter the parking garage of the Edward R. Roybal Federal Building in downtown Los Angeles, authorities said. The incident happened at about 1:30 p.m. at the federal building, 255 E. Temple St. Jim Goodwin with the Federal Protection Service, the uniformed security police division of the Department of Homeland Security, said the man was stopped by officers who saw a firearm inside the vehicle.

SPFPA International President Dave Hickey is recognizing a job well done, stating “We are proud to be the representatives of more Paragon PSO’s then any other union, and offer our support and commitment to all PSO’s from our newest division, the Federal Protective Service Officers National Unions affiliated with IUSPFPA-PBA.” We invite you to visit our FPSONU website fpsonu1.org    

You can read more about this story here. https://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2021/07/14/federal-police-armed-man-caught-trying-to-enter-roybal-federal-building-downtown-la-arsenal/

July 13, 2021

GREAT NEWS! SPFPA Announces its newest Affiliated division

Federal Protective Service Officers National Unions

Affiliated with IUSPFPA-PBA

Visit our Federal Protective Service Officers National Union website: fpsonu1.org

The Number One Federal Protective Service Officers Union in the Nation.

July 9, 2021

Local 725 meets with employers for a labor/management meeting


July 12, 2021

NLRB Rules in favor of the SPFPA!

Recently a small union tried to force open an SPFPA contract for personal gain. If successful, it would have put hard-working ISS Action members and their families at risk. The SPFPA International President dispatched our law firm, who stopped the effort and the SPFPA members remained protected. SPFPA UNITY STRONG!

JULY 11, 2021


Island Solidarity get together #meetandgreet #1union1pride

July 2, 2021

Federal Trade Commission Officers are set to join spfpa!

A unit of Hana Industries Security Police Professionals were tired of the lack of service by their small union, an affiliate of a so-called Federation. The Officers reached out to SPFPA, who took immediate action to help these hard working Security Police Professionals. The Officers were quick to fill out SPFPA online interest card forms and a petition was filed with the NLRB. 

When the final election agreement was completed, the small affiliated union of the so-called federation would not be part of the election, knowing they were going to lose, they wouldn’t even fight to keep their members.

Just recently 362 members of this particular Union filed a petition with the NLRB seeking to remove the Union security clause from their contract. 

If you are stuck in a failing union and you want to put the experience and resources that only SPFPA can deliver then, Call 800-228-7492 our SPFPA representatives are ready to help you and your fellow Officers join the SPFPA Pride!   

July 1, 2021

Georgetown University Officers Petition to Rejoin the SPFPA Pride!

Georgetown University Police Officers have petitioned the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) today, Thursday, July 1, 2021. The Officers seek their independence from their current union that for years has failed them. The International Union, Security, Police and Fire Professionals of America (SPFPA) were proud to represent the Georgetown Officers for many years and we are ready to welcome them back to the SPFPA Pride! 

The Georgetown University Petition is one of three petitions filed in the last two weeks where officers seek to rid themselves of the same union that made big promises but delivered nothing!

Just recently 362 members of this particular Union filed a petition with the NLRB seeking to remove the Union security clause from their contract.

SPFPA will use all our experience and resources to ensure the Officers in all three groups receive the service and protection they deserve. Together we will succeed, SPFPA STRONG! 

FLETC Officers are ready to join SPFPA

June 25, 2021

The Chenega Infinity Officers working at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Maryland are ready to leave their current union and join SPFPA, the Global Authority of Security Police Unions. SPFPA filed an NLRB petition on their behalf Friday, June 25, 2021. SPFPA Region 4 Vice President Joe McCray and leaders from SPFPA Local 463 met with the FLETC Officers to answer all their questions and share information.

The FLETC Officers stated that their current union failed to provide them with service and proper communication. Just recently 362 members of this particular Union filed a petition with the NLRB seeking to remove the Union security clause from their contract.

SPFPA looks forward to welcoming the FLETC Officers to our SPFPA family.