new york paragon pso's discover they lost over $300,000

Your current union UFLEOS and your previous union takes 100% of all dues collected from your unit. Therefore, the local has no revenue to operate. We are not those Guys! 

SPFPA operates differently. Our locals receive 40% of all dues collected from the unit. We are those Guys!

Under SPFPA, over the last three years, you have collected and controlled over $300,000!

To be used to service and benefit you and your fellow PSO’s. In your current union, Maritas and his cronies, KEEPS IT ALL!

It’s time to become a part of a REAL UNION with a REAL VOICE and REAL CONTROL of YOUR FUTURE.

It’s time to join your fellow PSO’s in Kentucky, Los Angeles, San Diego and others in becoming part of our SPFPA FAMILY!

Complete and submit your SPFPA interest card form today.

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Here's a SPFPA Paragon Contract - WE get MORE for our members!

Here's another SPFPA agreement with record wage increases.

New York Armed Officers are making $45.17 which will increase to $46.97 later this year.

SPFPA – The Global Authority of Security Police Unions

The International Headquarters has 200 Local unions located throughout the world. The SPFPA consists of over 1,000 Local Union Officer Representatives, full-time Vice Presidents, Directors, and staff who are experienced and ready to negotiate contracts, settle grievances, enforce contracts, organize the unorganized and assist in answering your questions. Joining SPFPA provides a strong, prominent legal firm specializing in representing labor law and defending workers’ rights. SPFPA can negotiate quality-based medical benefits and 401k savings programs on your behalf, with a full-time Service Team to assist with enrollments, selections, and claims.

What Sets the SPFPA Apart –

Negotiations Preparation

SPFPA believes that the input of every member of the bargaining unit is vital to achieving success at the bargaining table. We prepare for negotiation in the following ways-

  • Your group will elect your Negotiation Committee, who, along with your SPFPA representatives, will negotiate your new Collective Bargaining Agreement. 
  •  We send out surveys to all bargaining unit members to gather their input on what should be proposed during negotiations.

Membership Services

  • You will have your own Local and 40% of the Union dues to administer and service your local membership. 
  • You will elect your local leadership, i.e., Local President, Vice President, and other positions. 
  • SPFPA pays 100% of all legal costs associated with your new Collective Bargaining Agreement and Arbitration cases.
  • As members, you are eligible to participate in the SPFPA Trust Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Plans (ACA Approved) and Wells Fargo Pension plans for those members that need affordable benefits. 
  • SPFPA will provide 100% Local union steward training.

The obvious question at this point is, do you allow your current Union to continue its established record of Poor Service, No Transparency, and No Funds for the Local? 

Based on the petition filed to stop paying dues to your current Union, along with the numerous phone calls and messages we received from New York PSOs, it’s time to make the positive move to an effective Union, the SPFPA!