Mandatory Subjects of Bargaining

Mandatory subjects are those that directly impact – wages, hours or working conditions (or
terms and conditions of employment). These are subjects over which the parties must bargain
if a proposal is made by either party. This does not mean that the parties (The Union or Employer) have to reach agreement on such proposals, but rather that they have to engage in the process of bargaining in good faith as mandated by Federal Law over the subject. It is illegal for the employer to just go through the motions – Our experience negotiators and law firm will ensure negotiations are conducted per the law. 

Examples of mandatory subjects are:

Wages                                         Jury duty pay
Shift premiums                        Bereavement pay
Overtime                                    On-call pay
Premium pay                             Severance pay
Longevity                                   Pensions
Pay for training                        Health insurance
Holidays                                    Leave of absence
Sick days                                   Tuition reimbursement
Hours of work                          Seniority
Work schedules                       Job duties
Grievance procedure              Probationary period
Workloads                                Testing of employees
Vacancies                                  Rest and lunch periods
Promotions                               Bargaining unit work
Transfers                                   Subcontracting
Layoff and recall                      No strike clause
Discipline and discharge       Non-discrimination
Waiver/zipper clause             Dues check off
Mandatory meetings              Mileage and stipends
In-service trainings                Evaluation procedures
Parking                                      Health and safety
Bonuses                                     Clothing and tool allowance
Incentive pay                            Management rights clauses
Equity pay adjustments         Dental and vision plans
Legal services                           Work rules
Bulletin boards                        Meals provided by the employer

RIGHT NOW your Employer has full control over these subjects – YOU DO SO MUCH for your employer, it’s only fair that you have a voice in subjects that affect your working life.