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Welcome to our special webpage. We put it together to provide the Live Casino Hotel Security Ambassadors with a convenient source of FACTUAL information. As you scroll through this webpage, you will see that the SPFPA has decades of experience negotiating contracts with major casino corporations nationwide.

We will use our experience and resources to fight for you and your families at the bargaining table and beyond. 

On Thursday, June 27th, we ask for your support and give us the privilege to represent you and your fellow Security Ambassadors. VOTE YES! 


Hollywood (Greektown) Detroit Casino and Hotel Security Officers ratify their 5th SPFPA Contact

June 11, 2024

On Tuesday, June 11, 2024, The Hollywood Casino Hotel Security Officers overwhelmingly ratified their fifth SPFPA contract. These Security Professionals joined SPFPA in 2004 and for 20 years have been moving forward SPFPA Strong as Local 1227.

The new contract, like its predecessors, is a clear sign of the ongoing improvement in the security officers’ working conditions. It encompasses crucial aspects such as wages, holidays, vacation time, personal time, seniority protection, and a grievance and arbitration procedure. These provisions are designed to shield them from unjust discipline and termination, ensuring their rights and well-being are protected.
Remember, currently your employer controls every aspect of your working life. YOU HAVE NO PROTECTION OF ANY KIND! That can change on the June 27th… VOTE YES!  

The videos below are Security Officers working at Hollywood Detroit Casino Hotel

Members of the Bargaining Committee cast their vote during the ratification meeting. Negotiations were led by SPFPA Region 1 Director Roman Gumul.

Members of SPFPA Local 1227 line-up to vote on their new contract.

More SPFPA Casino Locals also ratified their new SPFPA contracts this year.

Joined SPFPA 2016

SPFPA Local 2121 @ Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas overwhelmingly ratified their third SPFPA contract. Mandalay Bay Casino Hotel Officers VOTED YES SPFPA in 2016. This was historic event, because no other Casino Security unit was or currently is represented by a union. 

SPFPA has worked with other Casino Officers in Las Vegas and around the country. Unfortunately, the hired UNION BUSTERS stole their opportunity to win a voice on the job. DON’T LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU!

VOTE YES on the 27th.

Joined SPFPA in 1999

SPFPA Local 1212 @ Motor City Casino Detroit Ratified their new SPFPA Contract on April 5, 2024. The Bargaining Committee worked together with Region 1 Director Roman Gumul and other SPFPA full time representative and won a contract with improved wages and benefits and working conditions.

You too can have a strong voice on the job, VOTE YES on Thursday, June 27th. 

More SPFPA Casino Family Members

Joined SPFPA in 2000

Joined SPFPA in 2010

Joined SPFPA in 2003

Joined SPFPA in 2012

Casino Hotel Industry Police Division

Joined SPFPA in 1997

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