IESA Disneyland Affiliation


“On Friday October 1, 2021 Disneyland IESA Security Union made history by making it official, and affiliating with the IUSPFPA-PBA! The IESA brought their over 1200 Security Cast members and became SPFPA Local 1955 IESA! October 1st was also the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World in Orlando, where our SPFPA Local 603 represents over 2500 Security Cast members. Our Walt Disney World SPFPA Local 603 Brothers and Sisters have been proud members of our SPFPA PRIDE for over 44 years. SPFPA now represents Disneyland, Walt Disney World Orlando, and Disney Studios in California. Congratulations and special thanks to everyone who helped in the success of this historic, magical day! Please everyone welcome our new SPFPA Local 1955 IESA! I couldn’t be prouder of these wonderful people. ONE UNION-ONE PRIDE!”

     – David L. Hickey 2021         

SPFPA International President David Hickey and IESA President Ryan Hoover look over the affiliation agreement as they prepare to sign it.
SPFPA International President David Hickey and IESA President Ryan Hoover shake hands after both sign the affiliation agreement
SPFPA International President David Hickey, SPFPA International Vice President Rick O'Quinn, Region 3 Vice President Ryan Kelly, National Organizing Director Dwayne Phillips, SPFPA Local 100 Vice President Luis Gonzalez and SPFPA Local 100 Chief Steward Esteban Gonzalez... SPFPA STRONG!
IESA President Ryan Hoover, IESA Vice President Roger Bediamol, IESA Treasurer Patrick Lemos and their Executive Board.

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