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Las Vegas casino Officers

Welcome Mandalay Bay Las Vegas

On December 9, 2016, the Mandalay Bay Casino Security Professionals voted 2 to 1 to join the SPFPA Family. This historic victory makes them...

Welcome Boston Officers!

Brother Mark Crawford swears in the new SPFPA Local 545 Executive Board. These Brothers joined President Hickey and VP Crawford at negotiations for their...

Victory in Indiana!

Great News! Over 138 Inter-Con Officers in Indiana voted overwhelmingly to join our SPFPA family. SPFPA Supporter Chris Flick joined SPFPA Director Tony Seefeld...

SPFPA™ Campaign Victories!

Welcome to the SPFPA Family! The American Security Programs Officers who protect and patrol the US Health and Human Services facility located in Bethesda, Maryland,...
SPFPA El Paso Victory – Una Familia

SPFPA™ El Paso Victory – Una Familia!

Welcome back to the SPFPA™ family! El Paso Processing Center Security Professions voted overwhelmingly to join SPFPA™ (157-95). A special “thank you” to our Organizing...

MotorCity Casino Hotel Detroit Swearing In Ceremony

Don Eagle, International Secretary/Treasurer was honored to swear in Local 1212 Executive Board, Marvella Smith, President; Michael Farmer, Vice President; Michele Nelson, Financial Secretary;...

SPFPA™ Wins Braidwood!

Braidwood Nuclear Officers VOTE YES to stay with SPFPA™! The “fake” union leosu received only 1 vote after its unsuccessful parasitic attempt to steal our...

Historic WIN in Las Vegas!

The Security Officers protecting Mandalay Bay Casino made Las Vegas HISTORY and voted overwhelmingly (163 to 79) to join SPFPA, "America's Union for Security...

Training and Development Seminar in Hawaii

President Hickey and Region 3 VP Don Eagle join 33 of our Local 650 Officers and Stewards for their first SPFPA Training Seminar. Serious...

Special Disney Tribute “Celebrate You” Night

There was a special tribute to Disney Cast Members on "Celebrate You" night at the Magic Kingdom. Disney's "Celebrate You" night for Cast members...