Currency And Security Handlers (CASH)

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Currency And Security Handlers (CASH)

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Currency and Security Handlers (CASH) Officers transport and carry weapons to protect themselves and the valuables they transport. They are responsible for pickup and delivery of customer orders in accordance with designated routes and make stops at customer locations daily replenishing ATM machines. These armed security professionals sometimes carry millions of dollars in their armored vehicles and put their lives on the line each day. Crews typically consist of two or more team members. Specific responsibilities will vary from day to day. Industry studies have shown that CASH Officers are at the highest risk factor while being at the lowest pay and benefit scale.

SPFPA™ is proud to represent thousands of CASH Officers working for such companies as Loomis Fargo and Garda. We are also proud that our members are the highest paid with the best benefits vs. those who remain non-union “At-Will” Employees.