Oldest Security Union
Security Officers who protect the various CDC locations in and around Atlanta,Georgia stand strong and united! Brothers and Sisters together we will succeed! SPFPA Unity Strong!
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A special thank you to all of the SPFPA Local leaders who participated and are committed to service in their Locals.
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It was an honor, privilege and a highlight of the Sixteenth Constitutional Convention as delegates across the country unanimously “stand up” to vote for the re-election of Brother David L. Hickey to his fourth consecutive term as International President. Under his direction our membership has increased, our members enjoy increased benefits and union officers are...
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The SPFPA International Union hosted its Sixteenth Constitutional Convention with overwhelming support and attendance from SPFPA Local leaders, members and special guests. My special thanks to all our local delegates for their hard work and support and congratulations to our newly elected Officers and Trustees. Your continued dedication and efforts are the nucleus of our...
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The Paragon PSO Officers working on the Central California contract stood united and joined the SPFPA in a landslide victory.This group has been let down numerous times by their old union, and they had enough. Wen the votes were tallied the results we an overwhelming 41 votes for the SPFPA to 7 votes for the...
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