Unity in Action!

SPFPA Local 1955 came into existence as a result of a merger between SPFPA International Union and the Disneyland Security Union in 2022. After very successful contract negotiations we started to grow SPFPA STRONG as ONE UNION, ONE PRIDE! 

Region 3 Vice President Ryan Kelly working with Local 1955 Local leaders has held training classes, labor management meetings and settled numerous grievances. 

Unity is Strength, and Knowledge is Power! 

Local 1955 Executive Board members attended and participated in our recent International Executive Board meeting. We want to thank all local 1955 leaders for great job they do.  

"Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved."

SPFPA Local 1955 Executive Board

April 18, 2024

Open Forum

Participation by the membership is an essential part of any union meeting. When an open forum is called, members have the opportunity to address the Local Executive Board and discuss their issues and concerns. 

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