SPFPA Health Care Benefits

Giving members a choice that works for their family.

As health care costs continue to rise and new laws impact additional changes, SPFPA works to ensure affordable benefit options are available to SPFPA members and their families.

SPFPA Health and Welfare Plans are designed to offers members affordable medical options that meet their needs.   “It is not our goal to convert SPFPA medical coverage for all SPFPA members” stated President Hickey, “but to provide a stable healthcare benefit option for SPFPA members and their families as contractors continue to change at a rapid pace.”  SPFPA members deserve affordable health insurance benefits and the comfort of knowing their benefits are solid and secure.

Henry Lakes, Humanomics, has worked closely with SPFPA over the past several years to implement improved benefit plans for SPFPA members and their families. Many “new” options are now available, that included prescription coverage, dental, optical, and disability.  SPFPA benefits can be obtained during contract negotiations.  Locals that are interested in learning more should contact their Vice President prior to contract negotiations.  Our Benefits representatives will be happy to meet with you and discuss SPFPA Benefit Plans so you can compare and decide for yourself what best suits you and your family’s needs.  As a member of the SPFPA, you automatically have an entire team on your side!