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The American Security Programs Officers who protect and patrol the US Health and Human Services facility located in Bethesda, Maryland, VOTED YES SPFPA™ with 100% showing of support!

GEO Correctional Officers in the Lea County Correctional Facility in Hobbs New Mexico triumphed over fear and intimidation to succeed on Election Day!

Officers on guard at the IRS Offices in Washington, DC, and Maryland stood SPFPA™ Unity Strong to fend off an attack from a small self-serving ineffective union. We will continue to move forward building on our solid foundation!

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Victory in Washington, DC! Allied Universal Special Police Officers who ensure the integrity of the DC Water Authority facility joined the “Authority of Security Police Unions” leaving behind the organization that had failed them for so long!

National Alliance Security Agency officers who keep the government buildings safe in Central Indiana claimed a resounding victory!

In Folsom California, Whitestone Security Professionals took a united stand winning their election with a commanding lead!

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