The SPFPA International Union hosted its Sixteenth Constitutional Convention with overwhelming support and attendance from SPFPA Local leaders, members and special guests. My special thanks to all our local delegates for their hard work and support and congratulations to our newly elected Officers and Trustees. Your continued dedication and efforts are the nucleus of our growth and success for the future of our great organization. The “Mardi Gras” Welcome Reception was entertaining and fun, as gathered after a long day of travel to relax and enjoy.
The opening ceremonies were spectacular, motivational speakers Lt. Col. Waldo Waldman delivered a powerful message of teamwork. Motivational speaker and Chalk Artist Sam Glenn inspired a vision of courage and strength of an eagle. Education and training programs were conducted that covered grievance handling, arbitration and finance. Katheryn VanDagens, Arbitrator, provided a powerful presentation of “What One Arbitrator Wants You to Know About Arbitration”. Reports and updates were presented by the Gordon A. Gregory, General Counsel; Brother Dwight Duley, International Secretary-Treasurer; Howard Rosen, UBS; Paul Cenko, CPA; and the SPFPA Health and Welfare and 401k Plan Trustees and Administrators. Special “thank you” to Henry Lakes, President and CEO, Humanomics for coordinating all of the SPFPA Trust Plan vendors and booths to assist in answer membership questions.
A heart felt “thank you” to retirees Gene McConville, Dennis Eck, Bobby Jenkins, Jim Allen, and Dan Payne. These dear Brothers served our Union with honor and I am truly proud to call them my friends. Also, congratulations to Brother Gordon Gregory, our General Counsel for his Exemplary Service Award, and his more than 40 years, selflessly devoted in the service of the SPFPA and its members. Special Edition Leadership Award Badges were presented to Local leaders who have exemplified loyalty and leadership to their members, and our entire SPFPA family. The first two awards were presented to Steve Larkin, President, Local 502 and Hope Sandy, President, Local 888, in recognition of their outstanding contributions to and support of our great Union.
Special recognition was given to our NIH leaders, Lunette Grifffin, James Kelly and Agnes Moore, who shared their emotional stories about what happened when they were persuaded by the false promises to leave our family and join another union. Now, after three years of disappointments, they are back and ready to regain power and strength under the SPFPA. Welcome home to our SPFPA family everyone!
Last but not least, a special “thank you” to Ralph Purdy, President, United Federation of Special Police, who attended as a special guest and friend of SPFPA members and the labor movement. We look forward to working in the future with Ralph and his membership.
SPFPA is proud to have strong, dedicated leaders that are eager to learn, become involved and make a difference. They show up early, stay late and take advantage of every opportunity to network and support their membership and the International Union. Great job everyone!

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