Organizing New Members

SPFPA has been organizing at a rapid pace. This has become evident by the fact that The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc (BNA) has once again listed the SPFPA as one of the 15 most active organizing unions in the country. In addition to the above, the SPFPA was also recognized by BNA as being in the top 5 unions in the country to organize the most members while achieving one of the highest win rates in the country with an astonishing 78.1% win rate percentage.

When you look at SPFPA’s continued organizing success one must ask how an organizing department made up of three (3) full-time organizers can be so successful and complete with other major unions like the Teamsters and SEIU who have hundreds of organizers at their disposal? The answer is a simple one. SOS, which stands for, Security Officers – Organizing -security Officers.

Our SOS organizing program continues to grow as newly organized groups continue to spread the good word about how SPFPA has helped them achieve strong industry contracts with wages, benefits and other conditions of employment far exceeding the levels of where they originally started.

So our success has been built on our proven track record of organizing, servicing education, communication, leadership and member involvement. Reminiscent of an old war poster of Uncle Sam that urged Americans to serve our country,  SPFPA International President David L. Hickey is calling on SPFPA members everywhere to do much the same, to help build their union and improve the lives of working Americans (security police professionals). “There is no better spokesperson for the SPFPA than a SPFPA security police professional like you,” states SPFPA President David L. Hickey.

This is your opportunity to grow the SPFPA and help other workers join this great union. We’re building a mighty army of SPFPA SOS Organizers to combat corporate greed and help create a better life for all security police professionals across the nation. I’m proud of the success of the Organizing Department in our national campaigns, and the fact that the SPFPA continues to grow at an astonishing pace achieving the distinction as one of the oldest, largest and fastest growing 9(b)3 unions in the world today. However we cannot rest on our success. That is why we are setting a new course in 2011 to recruit and train 1,000 SOS member organizers over the next four years. These rank and – file SPFPA SOS members would help organize the nearly 1 million unrepresented security police professionals who want SPFPA representation, strengthening the union, rebuilding the middle class and raising standards for security police professionals everywhere.

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