G4S Rio Grande Valley (RGV) Transportation Officers voted “YES” to join the SPFPA.  These 108 officers were tired of receiving no service from their former small dying union out of Denver.  Maria Gamon, SPFPA COP Director, assisted and supported this group in their organzing effort, and now welcomes them to the SPFPA family!  We are...
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Victory for the CEC Cheyenne Mountain Re-Entry Center in Colorado Springs, CO!  This group of 66 Officers won their election by a landslide 46-12. The employer hired a union buster firm and their anti-union campaign was headed up by an individual that the Officers dubbed “Mr. Bill.”  Nevertheless, despite Mr. Bills “worst efforts” to break...
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Henry Lakes, President of Humanomics and Scott Brooks, Trust Attorney, addressed the National Security Summit to inform members of the Affordable Care Act and the impact it has on SPFPA Benefit Plans. Representatives from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Humana, Action Rx, and Wells Fargo were available at the two-day conference to meet with members,...
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by Rich Stoddard I’m writing from the Red Cross, we “won” our union vote and I just wanted to send you this to say I’m looking forward to working with you and the SPFPA and I appreciate you coming down personally to meet.  Go SPFPA!
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A special “Welcome Aboard” to our newest members from Trinity College.  Officers voted overwhelmingly to become part of our SPFPA family.  We are proud to have you.
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