Ascension St. John Officers Campaign Info

This election gives you and fellow Officers the opportunity to WIN the right to collectively bargain with your employer.

The SPFPA has vast resources and a nationally recognized law firm to ensure that negotiations are conducted as mandated by Federal law.

SPFPA representatives take their commitment to protecting and representing security police professionals seriously – and have done so for more than 75 years. Through legislation, collective bargaining, and education, SPFPA works tirelessly to protect the livelihood of each member and their families, and to secure the respect they deserve.

As shown in our most recent LM-2 Labor Organization Annual Report, we spent $2,333.50.00 representing our membership.

Collective bargaining is a powerful process that gives you a say in your working life, to raise issues and concerns of importance. No union can guarantee the outcome of negotiations. However, SPFPA will use all our experience and resources to get you the best contract possible. Many of you are retired law enforcement and already know the POWER of the Bargaining Table.


Until there is a contract with your employerWE DON’T WANT YOUR DUES – This information is printed on our dues card (see below).

There are other items that we control so we can make you the following GUARANTEES:

  • You and your fellow Officers will vote to ratify or reject your new Collective Bargaining Agreement.  (Guaranteed)

  • There will be no initiation fees for current Officers (Guaranteed)   

  • You and your fellow Officers will elect your own Bargaining Committee. (Guaranteed)

  • Your Bargaining Committee will attend all Bargaining Sessions with the SPFPA lead Negotiator. (Guaranteed)

We have had the opportunity to meet officers in person and during a couple of Zoom meetings. We have heard numerous issues that need to be addressed with your Employer- Why not use the bargaining table where your Employer must bargain in good faith? And unlike now, THEY ARE NOT IN TOTAL CONTROL! 

It’s your choice! Keep it like it is now, or VOTE YES and WIN a REAL VOICE ON THE JOB!