A Closer Look at Collective Bargaining

The International Union, Security, Police and Fire Professionals of America (SPFPA™) offers security police professionals the voice they need to secure the wages. benefits, conditions and job security they deserve.

A resource of representation and protection to security professionals for more than 70 years, SPFPA fights to advance the welfare and interest of members through everything from education and training to legislation and collective bargaining.

Collective Bargaining: What to Know

The right to organize and negotiate the terms and conditions of your employment is commonly known as collective bargaining. Under the law, all workers have the right to engage in a bargaining process where management must bargain in good faith over everything from wages and benefits to job security and work conditions.

The process of collective bargaining is important because it provides you and your coworkers a collective voice on matters that directly impact you and your families.

(L-R) Roman Gumul (Director Region 1); Jon Miller (Southwest Region); Charles Henderson (National Capital Region); Jack Ciulla (Northeast Region); Steve Dickey (New York Region); Ryan Kelly (VP Region 3); Randy Vincent (West Coast Region); Robert Hynek (Midwest Region)

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