Marist Security Officers Henry Graham and Jon Littlefield


Our International has always been a Union of Action, and here’s the latest example. The Security Officers at Marist College voted overwhelmingly to join our SPFPA Pride. Since the election, SPFPA Region 1 Director Roman Gumul has been working with the bargaining committee in negotiations with the college.

However, negotiations got sidetracked when the college started bargaining in bad faith by making unrealistic proposals like not agreeing to union security and proposing language that limits what kind of grievance SPFPA can move to arbitration, along with other language that we could never agree to. 

SPFPA Director Gumul knew it was time to bring attention to the bad faith tactics the college was engaging in. It was time to stage an informational picket, and President Hickey gave the green light to move forward. 

On Monday, November 13, 2023, Region 1 Director Roman Gumul and the National Organizing Director Dwayne Phillips joined the bargaining unit, conducting two informational picket sessions.  

Unit members pumped their signs into the air, and the passing cars and trucks blew their horns of support. But, the powerful voice of SOLIDARITY won the day, “We want a Contract… when do we want it … We want it Now!” “Together, We will succeed!”  

SPFPA Regional Conferences were a huge Success!

Dave Hickey

SPFPA International President
Joe McCray, Vice President Region 1
JB Smith, Vice President, Region 2
Ryan Kelly, Vice President Region 3

In celebration of our 75th Year, each Region Vice President, their Directors, and the International staff worked hard to make every conference informative, social, and inspiring. The participating Local Leaders left motivated and ready to share their experiences with their local members. We created regional web pages with pictures and videos to commemorate this historic event.

To view a region’s webpage, click the red button under a Region Vice President’s picture.


The Happiest Place on Earth just got a little happier for more than 1,300 Disneyland security workers.

The theme park’s “security cast members” — including security officers, lead officers, sergeants, bag checkers and canine handlers — have secured a wage increase of nearly $8 an hour to be phased in over the next two years.

The workers, represented by the Security, Police and Fire Professionals of America, got a $6 hourly raise effective April 1. It will be followed by a $1-an-hour hike April 1, 2024, and another $1 hourly raise on April 1, 2025. Combined, the raises will boost their minimum wage to $26 an hour from $18.10 hourly.

“We are more than pleased with the wage increase we were able to negotiate,” said David Hickey, SPFPA’s international president.

Disneyland officials issued a one-sentence statement saying they are “glad to have reached an agreement with the union.”

Businesses across the board are having trouble filling all of their openings, Hickey said, so they’re willing to pay more to retain and attract workers.

“The attitude about coming to work has changed, and it has forced companies to pay more,” he said. “We have negotiations coming up at Disneyworld in Florida. They’re looking to have a major wage increase there, too.”

The Disneyland workers were previously represented by the Independent Employees Service Association, but that union recently merged with SPFPA to become SPFPA Local 1955 with a new executive board.

They voted in October 2021 to affiliate with SPFPA but had to finish the remainder of their IESA labor contract before making the transition.

Hickey said the union also plans to smooth out scheduling for the workers, which can be erratic at times due to a variety of factors.

“With COVID-19, companies have had difficulty scheduling enough people when some employees don’t or can’t come to work” he said. “Our union will work with Disneyland to have more input in scheduling. Our history with Disney around the country will help us deal with issues that may arise.”

SPFPA Local 1955 is also updating the grievance process for security workers at the Anaheim theme park.

“They’ve already had two training seminars on this,” Hickey said. “We’re showing the old IESA members how our grievance procedures work because the old way wasn’t necessarily the way we do that at Disney World.”

SPFPA represents more than 27,000 security police professionals across the U.S. and Canada. Its members also provide security services for the Department of Defense and NASA, among other contracts.

Congratulations to our SPFPA Disneyland Security members for their successful negotiations.

International Union, SPFPA Local 1955 (2023) Bargaining Committee:

Top Row: (Left to Right) Rick O’Quinn, Robert Hernandez, Candice Williams, Ryan Kelly

Bottom Row: (Left to Right) LC Ayala, Janet Lorea, Dave Hickey, Brenda Alfaro, Dru Johnson, Alex Martinez,  Patrick Lemos

SPFPA International President Dave Hickey and Disney Parks and Resorts Director Labor Relations Christie Sutherland sign the first SPFPA Local 1955 contract. 

ONE UNION-ONE PRIDE! Congratulations to our SPFPA Disneyland Security members for their successful negotiations. Over 1300 Officers received a 43.65% wage increase over the next 24 months. On April 1st, those Officers will receive a 33.6% (over $6/hr) wage increase, which is the highest wage package ever negotiated for Disneyland Security. There are also positive changes in scheduling and the grievance procedure. Special recognition to our Negotiation Team and to Brothers Rick and Ryan for a job well done! 


SPFPA International President Dave Hickey and Region 3 Vice President Ryan Kelly stand with our Local 1955 Members. “It is the best contract ever.”


 SPFPA Region 3 Vice President Ryan Kelly administers the installation ceremony and pledge of commitment to our Local 1955 Disneyland Board Officers and Members. A solid step forward as ONE UNION, ONE PRIDE! 

IUSPFPA-PBA Newest Affiliated Unions


SPFPA International President, David L. Hickey was unanimously re-elected to a fifth consecutive term. He will continue to lead the SPFPA PRIDE in solidarity and growth.

Don Eagle was unanimously elected to his first term as International Financial Secretary-Treasurer.  

Regional Vice President, Rick O’Quinn was elected to the office of International Vice President At Large.

The Delegates from each Region voted to keep their experienced leaders in place for another term of service.

All Regional Vice Presidents were re-elected by acclamation!

Joe McCray

Region 1

Vice President

Jerry Heyman

Region 2

Vice President

Ryan Kelly

Region 3

Vice President

SPFPA Region Directors

Roman Gumul

Region 1 Director

Tony Seefeld

Region 2 Director

Devin Snowden

Region 2 Director

JD Covington

Region 3 Director

Rodney Kim

Pacific SOAR Director

Congratulations to the following members on their new positions

Dwayne B. Phillips

National Organizing Director

Maria Gamon

Western Organizing Director

Gloria Scott

Asst. Region 1 Director

Region 1 Vice President Joe McCray and Assistant Region 1 Director Gloria Scott
Local 603 Member Joey Leach, SOLIDARITY!
AUS/MSA Negotiations Committee


Delegates served on important Convention Committees such as the Constitution Committee, Credentials Committee, Grievance Committee, Resolutions Committee, Rules Committee, Organizing Committee and the Sgt. At Arms Committee.   


Up Close and Personal Meetings with SPFPA Officers, Directors and Attorneys.

SPFPA recognizes the accomplishments of our members

SPFPA Supporters speak out

In 2003 SPFPA formed the first Federation for Security Police Unions in Nation. That Federation is called NAPSCO. The National Alliance of Police Security Corrections Organizations. 


Since it was founded, 14  unions have affiliated with the NAPSCO Federation. We are looking forward to making a BIG Announcement in the near future.      


Brenda Peters

Local 55

Tanya Gonzalez

Local 129

Colin Gray

Local 300

Phillip Snead

Local 580

Toni Carter

Local 825

Laurie Typinski

Local 60

Cory Jones

Local 131

Pamela Dorsey

Local 440

Patty Jellison

Local 603

Luis Jimenez

Local 725

Bill Asper

Local 1111

 Luis Gonzales

Local 100

Joshua Christie

Local 168

Bryan Goodkowsky

Local 499

Anthony Burgos

Local 603

Nuno B. Marques

Local 825

Delfreda Jones

Local 1212

Devin Snowden

Local 115

Mary Brown

Local 237

Eric Smoquina

Local 545

Joey Leach

Local 603

Jose Muro Jr 

Local 825

Dennis Lang

Local 2121

Ron Marshall

Local 119

Elroy Coleman

Local 247

Nicholas Cole

Local 551

Rodney Kim

Local 650

Christopher Gross

Local 825

Maria Gamon

Western Organizing Director

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