Forming with SPFPA

What are the ways we can form a union with the SPFPA?

Election by the National Labor Relations Board

The employer and union may agree to an election conducted by an outside agency National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Voluntary Recognition

Voluntary recognition can occur where the employer agrees to recognize the union based upon cards signed by a majority of employees. If the union persuades the employer to agree to a "card check,” a third party, such is a member of the clergy, arbitrator, or any other individual, can examine the cards to verify majority support. Once an employer agrees to a card check - and review of the cards indicates that there is a majority support - the employer is required by law to bargain with the union.

What is the organizing process and how long will it take?

Employees are in the card signing stage. If enough employees show support by signing SPFPA Membership Cards (50 % or More SPFPA’s requirement) the SPFPA will petition the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and ask that a secret ballot vote take place.

After a petition is filed, the NLRB will conduct a secret ballot election usually within 60 days from the filing of the petition. Employees will now have an opportunity to vote YES in favor of unionization by SPFPA or vote for no representation. If over 50% of those voting cast a vote in favor of Union representation, than your entire group will now be represented by SPFPA and the negotiating process will begin.

Only You Can Make This Organizing Drive a Success.

Don’t Be Afraid to Sign a SPFPA Membership Card.
Remember if Management Tells you something Bad about SPFPA ….Its Probably a Lie!